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When Detox is Required

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Detox is Required if you: Have dark circles under your eyes Have a bitter taste in your mouth Have headaches Are usually irritable, moody, and angry (these may be a sign of a liver issues) Experience PMS Have skin issues. Have some difficulty digesting your foods properly. Have a difficult time in loosing weight due to your poor metabolism. Are loosing or experiencing falling...

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What Detox28 will Provide

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What will we provide you? All meals for 28 days. All snacks for 28 days. Exercise program Weekly wellness consultation and support to maximize effects of detox program. Personal treatment program A copy of Michelle T. Jones’ book Best Diets Ever with 31 smoothie recipes MAIN THING IS…. We hold your hand throughout the 28 days. No planning on your part. No cooking. No worrying what to buy in the market and grocery. We take away all that and give you all you need to achieve a successful detox and health program that will help you achieve optimum health and...

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Detox28 featured in

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Detox 28 featured in

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Exercise and Arthritis

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There are different explanations on the internet with regard to why arthritis has developed and become a disorder in our society. There is one that claims it is because the human body was designed to walk on all fours (theory of evolution). Regardless of which theory you choose to believe, one fact remains – as our lifestyle has changed so has our muscle structure and strength. Our body was designed by nature to be a functioning one. It is one designed to hunt for food; build our home; or plow the field to grow food. As modernization has crept in, so did the luxuries of life. Lifestyle has greatly changed from hunting food to going to a restaurant and ordering food. With this lifestyle change, came muscle weakness. Muscle atrophy, causing instability or weakness of joint because we cannot sustain balance around the joint, has become a common thing. Unfortunately the luxuries we have do not put less strain on our body. In the contrary, extra stress on the joints and surrounding muscles develop. As the stress of the joint increases, it speeds up the wear and tear of the joint causing early onset of arthritis. When you have arthritis, pain achiness and fatigue begin. As arthritis advances, mobility decreases and lack of exercise and movement in turn causes decrease in physical function, hampering cardio-pulmonary functions as well cognitive function. To manage arthritis, regular exercise regimen is essential because it enhances blood flow to the muscles, increasing mobility of the joint and strengthening of the muscle to protect the joint. Regular exercise causes smooth movement and mobility of joints causing less pain and more protection for the joint. by Sharon Park Manager, Internationally Certified Pilates...

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Cycling for Better Health

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Cycling is one of the best forms of exercises, aside from jogging/walking and swimming that we can get into for better health. Living along the Hanggang river in Seoul, I often see groups of cyclists that train together all year round. This reminds me of the times as a child when I used to cycle with my group of friends. Back then, I used to cycle a lot, although it never dawned to me that I was exercising. As far as I was concerned, I was merely having fun with my friends. An article I read while I was on my holiday reminded me of this exercise and reinforced to me, the benefits of cycling to me. I would like to share that with you. An article in the July/August 2009 issue of the Healthy Options’ lifestyle news digest, entitled Cycling for Life, states that “people who cycle regularly live longer than those who do not and lead healthier lives”. “During cycling, most of the body’s muscles are activated. The leg muscles are responsible for the pedaling movement; the abdomen and back muscles stabilize the body on the cycle and cushion external influences; and the shoulder-arm muscular system supports the body at the handlebars. All this trains and tightens up the muscular system, making it stronger and able to function efficiently. Humans have several hundred muscles, which have to be used regularly in order to maintain fitness and health. A week of inactivity reduces the strength of the imuscular system by up to 50% and can harm them long-term. This is particularly true for older people as aging causes muscles to shrink.” Cycling, indeed, enables us to achieve various health benefits more effectively and much easily than other forms of exercise. The movements involved in cycling involve various parts of our body and influences various organ systems. It strengthens the respiratory system, skeletal system, muscular system, immune system, cardiovascular system, and lymphatic system. The health benefits reaped from biking is long and impressive. In fact when I was doing my research, I came across this list from a biking site called Experience Plus. It says: Here’s a list of “The Health Benefits of Cycling” by Joe Friel, a nationally-known author and personal fitness trainer (note that this is Joe’s short list). Joe maintains that bicycling for personal health: Promotes a Healthy Heart Improves Blood Chemistry, including HDL, “good” cholesterol” Lowers Blood Pressure. Decreases Risk of Cancer. Builds Stronger Bones. Reduces the Chance of Diabetes (now at epidemic levels in the US) Promotes Greater Muscle Strength. Reduces Stress. Decreases Chronic Pain (arthritis, back pain, and more) Improves digestion, lung function and joint flexibility With all those benefits, I have decided to put biking up on my top 3 exercises for effective weight loss. Imagine, you don’t only lose weight, strengthen your muscles, decrease risks of chronic diseases, but you also enjoy yourself in the process. I find it extremely amazing that a sport that is quite enjoyable, can be very effective in keeping us fit and healthy. So, why don’t we all do it together? I call on all of you – young and old. Let’s all get on our bikes and start on the road to a more effective weight loss and healthy lifestyle change. Enjoy...

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How to deal with Cravings & Maintain your Diet

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Craving for a treat you love while you are trying to resist it, is one of the most difficult things to do. A craving is an urge, almost a longing, to eat a particular food that you have not had for a while or that you are trying to avoid. Here are some guidelines to help you deal with your cravings and keep your diet. Last month, when my family went on a trip back to my hometown, I found myself craving for the snacks I have not had the chance to eat for a long time. They were not exactly the healthiest snacks, but I used to have them as a child and I remembered how wonderful they tasted and how I loved eating them, that they were too tempting for me to resist. This is not an uncommon situation. A lot of the time, especially when trying to stick to a diet, we are plagued by this feeling. Especially when you are put on a low carbohydrate diet and need to stay off pasta and pizza, you will find yourself wanting to have that slice of pizza or a pasta meal. This is because we crave what we cannot have. The problem with having a craving is that it gives you a feeling of deprivation. This puts people down and makes them feel sorry for themselves. They start having what we call the “poor me” episode. How do you deal with this situation and still maintain your diet? The answer is actually quite simple, and it is one that I have implemented in my weight loss programs – have a “naughty day”. One day a week, give yourself a “naughty day”. On this day, you are allowed to eat the foods you are meant to stay away from, for example – pizzas, pasta, ice cream, etc. Giving in to the cravings one day a week helps eliminate the “I’m so deprived” feeling whilst still keeping you on track with your diet. One thing to note, though, is that it is crucial to not overdo the “naughty day”. Give in to your cravings, have a couple of slices of pizza for lunch, a pasta dish for dinner and perhaps an ice cream for dessert. However do not have a whole family size pizza all to yourself. Maintaining a good sized serving for each of your meals will quench the craving, and still keep you on track. Going overboard on your “naughty day” will push you over to the edge and ruin your progress. Remember that balance and moderation are the keys to a successful weight loss program. Try this, and see for yourself. However, for a more personalized weight loss program, come in for a consultation, and I will design a program that will work best for you. Your program will take into consideration your body’s constitutional strengths and weaknesses based on an iris analysis I will do prior to preparing your program. Note that if you are taking medication, it is best to come in for a consultation and a supervised weight loss program. Call and make an appointment now. For more information on the benefits of an iris analysis and other treatment programs, check out...

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Natural Allergy Management

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“Allergies are a curse to those who suffer from them.” This was a very strong but true statement from Danielle De Natris, a naturopath and herbalist in Victoria, Australia. In a very interesting article she had written in Wellbeing magazine for their 100th issue. She continues by saying that sometimes allergies can be so bad that a sufferer has to change their lifestyle simply to avoid an allergic response. “Allergies prevent you from living and performing your best.” How true is that statement. As a mother and allergy sufferer myself, I had in my 2 ½ years living in Korea adapted a protocol for the Spring season. The yellow dust season, as we call it in my family, where we have 2 asthma sufferers, entails us taking a few precautionary measures during the months of Spring. Let me share them with you. Always check for yellow-dust warnings. The best site I’ve found so far is the one created by Korea4Expats. So go to their website: and you’ll find on the right hand side under weather, yellow dust updates and measurements. I ensure proper supplementation. My basic allergy-prevention supplements are: Fish Oil, Vitamin A, C, B6, and Zinc, Coenzyme Q10, and probiotics. I prepare a my allergy-prevention herbal mix, which includes Ginkgo Biloba, Coleus, Olive leave, and other herbs. 1 of my favorite supplements for this season is Algotene, which is Dunaliella Salina (red algae) grown in Australia. It is the best lung detoxifier I know that is out there, which can provide the best lung support for this period. I make sure that my children eat less eggs, chicken, peanuts, and dairy products (such as cheeses, as we don’t drink cow’s milk in our family), which are all high allergen foods, during this season. I don’t take it out of the diet, just minimize their use. Another dietary precaution we take is the lessening of intake of smoked products like ham, salami, etc. during this season. We avoid too much sugar (processed sugar, softdrinks, cordials, and so on) and white flour (bread, cakes, pasta, pizza, and so on). Lastly we try and limit our fat intake. So when we have our favorite Busan Kalbi or Samgyopsal, we make sure we trim all the fat out. So far, with these precautionary measures, we have been able to shorten any cold symptoms if any and prevented needing to take any antibiotics and medications. Most of all we have improved tremendously our family’s health. **Supplements mentioned in this article are all available through NY Wholistic Care. Article by: Michelle Tempongko Jones International Certified Integrated Iridologist Member, International Iridology Practitioners...

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How to Prepare the Kids for the Flu Season

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The rainy season that we are experiencing in Seoul right now also marks the cold season, especially for children. Runny nose, sneezing, and coughing are some of the signs around that confirm the presence of this problem. Our children are our most precious possessions that need to be given a lot of TLC (tender loving care). For this season, and any other where the incidence of the cold and flu is rampant, make sure you have the Paediatric Immune Kit by Heel. The Paediatric Immune Kit contains three remedies: Engystol, which is an immune stimulant and flu reliever; Angin-Heel SN, which is for laryngitis and tonsilitis; and Lymphomyosot N, which helps children maintain a healthy immune and lymphatic system. All three remedies help parents treat children for upper respiratory tract infections, reduce the severity of colds, and relieve sore throats. Aside from the products’ amazing potency, this immune kit is one that children actually love. These homeopathic remedies have become my personal favorite, because they actually taste very good aside from being homeopathic and all natural. Our children love these remedies so much that they keep asking for more (thinking that they are treats and not remedies). I gave this to a friend of mine with a 2 year old daughter and her daughter kept asking for medicine, because it was very tasty. Heel, is part of the Brauer company, that has been in the business of homeopathic remedies for a very long...

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Pilates for the Heart

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Someone who has a weak heart usually gets discouraged to engage in exercise or a good work-out. There is a presumption that if people exercise and work-out, it can trigger a heart attack. This is not true. This is mostly because people don’t know what their body is capable of, and more specifically how long they should be working out. A good work-out does not have to be a strenuous work-out. A strenuous work-out does not necessarily mean a good work-out. If people with a heart condition run or ride a bike, they can get pains in the chest, because it may be too stressful for them. Finding which exercise suits a person ‘s body type and structure is important in order to strengthen their heart and make them feel more energized. Pilates exercises teach people how to breathe properly, allowing more air into the lower rib cage three dimensionally. This in turn means more air for the lungs and for good gas exchange to the different organs, including the heart, as well as good circulation. Pilates also increases a person’s core strength and stability, as well as longer, leaner muscles. All these benefits come from a low-impact, non-stressful work-out….one that is best for a person with a weak heart. by: Sue...

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Healthy Heart Supplements

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A strong and healthy heart means keeping your arteries clear of too much harmful cholesterol. Do you know that some substances in supplements have cholesterol-lowering effects to make the heart stronger. So here are the supplements I recommend to you that provide heart healthy benefits. Resveratrol Commonly associated with red wine and increased longevity, the science behind resveratrol’s antiaging and disease-combating properties are well-documented. It is a naturally-occurring substance that protects you against heart disease and cancer. It can also reduce inflammation in the arteries and promote better blood circulation throughout the body. With its very promising benefits, some experts dubbed resveratrol as the “Fountain of Youth. Magnesium Magnesium is a mineral crucial to your health and is required for vital functions in the body. In women, magnesium is proven to reverse osteoporosis and provide relief from symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menopause. It can also minimize the risk of premature labor. Magnesium is also proven to regulate hypertension and treat diabetes, migraines, insomia and depression. Grape Seed Surprisingly, grapeseed extract is better for your health than the fruit from which it comes from. There is strong evidence that grapeseed extract provides critical antioxidant support for your heart muscle. Grapeseed extract can also improve mental alertness and prevent selinity, interfere with cancer cell growth and proliferation, relieves constipation and prevents formation of bad cholesterol in the arteries. Vitis vinifera seed, which is the main component of Vitanox is wild grape seed, the potent component that is used both to make wine and provide healers with their anti inflammatory, anti cancer and heart support remedy. COQ10 CoQ10 also known as Coenzyme Q10 is an over the counter nutritional supplement. It has been used to support and prevent a number of heart health related issues, diabetes, breast cancer and gum disease. But that is not all, CoQ10 can also treat immune deficiencies, increase fertility, treat Alzheimer’s disease, even Parkinson’s. It is quite a long list but its benefits does stop there. Researchers are experimenting and discovering other benefits of CoQ10 in protecting the heart and other vital organs in our...

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Strengthen your Immune System and help it to deal with Dengue

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The dreaded Dengue Fever is on the increase in Sri Lanka and causing a lot of angst at the moment. However, I have yet to read an article that will address the need for people to strengthen their immune system to help their bodies deal with Dengue. Dengue prevention is not simply about clearing stagnant water around our homes and work places, nor is it simply about getting rid of the mosquitoes. Dengue prevention is about strengthening your immune system to allow it to fight the virus that penetrates it during a dengue invasion in the body. Dengue fever has been said to be caused by the Aedes Mosquito. However it isn’t just the mosquito we need to be careful of. It is other people with the dengue virus who are bitten by the mosquito, because that said mosquito will be carrying that virus in its body and will transmit that virus to the next person it stings. Like any virus that attacks the body, an unhealthy body will be more susceptible to the dengue virus than a healthy one. Remember that our body, in a balanced and healthy state, has the innate capacity to heal itself. Whether it be dengue, the common cold, flu, or even cancer, a healthy body may carry these diseases or viruses and not be affected. So, how do we strengthen our immune system and how do we prepare our body to deal with these viruses and bugs. Here’s a list of things that I would strongly recommend people do: 1. Keep hydrated – Sri Lanka has very hot and humid weather. The humidity makes us sweat so much and therefore the body will require more hydration. Ensure that you hydrate yourself all the time. Water is essential for our body. It assists the kidneys and liver in the detoxification process. It also facilitates detoxification through our lymphatic system. It moistens our mucous membranes to allow it to fight viruses. It is also crucial in maintaining the right temperature that our body needs. However ensure that you only drink bottled water here in Sri Lanka, as water from the tap is not drinkable. Coconut juice is another drink that I strongly recommend you consume every day, or as often as you can. Coconut juice has high levels of electrolytes and minerals in it. It has nitrogen, phosphoric acid, potassium, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, iron, and other trace minerals needed by the body when replenishing lost fluids. Living in Sri Lanka allows us the privilege of drinking this God-given fruit every day, so let us take advantage of that. 2. Eat greens – Greens are the leafy part of the plants and vegetables. Examples are bok choy, carrot tops, parsley, cabbage leaves (not the cabbage itself), lettuce, kale, coriander, basil, mint, etc. Incorporating greens in your diet is very important as greens contain higher levels of vitamins A, B, C, K, folic acid, protein, calcium, zinc, and other vitamins and minerals as compared to their root or vegetable. For example – carrot tops have higher levels of vit A, K, beta-carotene, calcium, magnesium, and zinc compared to the carrot itself. Make sure to look for fresh greens rather than frozen imported greens, as long storage times affect the nutritional value of greens. Here in Sri Lanka try: gotu-kola, mungkunwenna, kangkung, spinach, coriander, parsley, and other locally grown greens. Use them in salads or even mix them up in a blender as smoothie drinks. Green smoothies are the easiest and most effective way of consuming greens. They are highly nutritious and actually quite delicious. You can...

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