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Did life happen to you or for you?

Posted by on Nov 23, 2018 in Article | Comments Off on Did life happen to you or for you?

Sitting in my office and looking at the window, I find myself realizing that the universe speaks to us through everything around us. Watching the weather change from clear to rainy, to hailing, and then back to clear again, makes me realize just how today has spoken to me. No, I haven’t been drinking. Hahaha…. I haven’t smoked anything either. I just realized that when you have questions in your mind, or even if it is from a discussion with a friend, sometimes the discussion is “so loud” that the universe decides to give it’s thoughts on the matter. With the sound of the wind, the banging of ice on the glass, and the banging of the window my pembantu (helper) left open, I could hear the universe’ response. ‘On gloomy days when everything seems confusing and nothing seems to make sense, all it takes is a few minutes, a breath of fresh air, and a change of mind, and things will start clearing up again.’ Life never happens to us, it happens for us. It happens so that we can find solutions for the difficult questions life has for us. It happens so that we can understand the difficult situations others have to endure, now that we have endured and survived it. It happens so that we can learn how to help others, should they go through the same situation we did. Life never happens to us, it happens so that through what life brought us, we learn and grow, and better our lives and then others too. If life doesn’t happen for us, we will never try anything new; we won’t solve any problems and learn new solutions; we won’t create new things that will make our situation and life better. If life doesn’t challenge us, push us to our limit, we won’t have the chance to come out as better people. So next time you find yourself confused, upset, and in the verge of surrender, stop, think, and push back with a solution, and you will come out better and stronger in the...

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