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Genetic weaknesses in the iris?

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The iris is an amazing place to check ones genetic make-up. In fact, Toni Miller’s book, The Integrated Iridology textbook, she mentions that the iris can reveal genetic strengths and weaknesses from three generations behind you (i.e. from your parents, grand parents, and great grand parents). What is great about an iris analysis is it does not require you to be pricked by needles; It doesn’t require blood to be drawn; Nor does it require days to figure out what those genetic issues are. The reading and assessment can be done during a 1 hour consultation. Iridologists assess the eyes by looking carefully at the colour, markings, shadings, pigments, and structure in it. The colour of the iris, according to Bernard Jensen, in his book Iridology, The Science and Practice in the Healing Arts, gives clues towards the genetic traits of ones parents. It actually is quite fascinating to see eyes up close, and until you do, you will not realize just how different one is eye is to another. I guess that is why we now have biometric iris recognition being used for security measures. You see if no two finger prints are alike, the same goes for the eyes – there are no two irises alike. So to the question of can you see genetic weaknesses in the iris. The answer is Yes. For more articles like this, go...

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