About Us


Michelle Jones is a results driven anti-aging naturopathic practitioner.  She believes in the quest for optimal health and helps her patient understand that longevity, vitality, and ageless beauty are all within their body’s capability, as long as it is provided with the necessary tools to ensure optimal function, growth, and development.  Michelle’s practice focuses on reversing ageing inside and out.  Her approach pairs the most modern technology with her expertise to bring you both a holistic health practitioner and comprehensive clinic that sets a new standard.

Certified in Integrated Iridology and Comprehensive Iridology, her insight is backed by technology that travels deep below the surface to reveal what ails you way beyond your ambiguous symptoms.  Also specialising in anti-aging naturopathy, and practicing western herbal medicine and nutritional medicine, Michelle is able to provide custom-fitted programs to answer your body’s demand to get well.

It is your birthright to live longer, feel better, and look younger, and Michelle is dedicated to helping you achieve that.