Be Inspired

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Inspiration is something that triggers the flow of ideas, passion, and happiness in everyone. Doing something that constantly inspires you is the best way to live and work. When you do something that keeps you smiling, something that keeps the desire in your heart burning, you cannot help but be happy.

When you help others with your time, your energy, or when you give things to other, those too give back a sense of gratitude… gratitude that you were able to make a difference in someone’s life.

So if you could find inspiration in your work and share that with others, you will succeed in keeping yourself happy while you make a difference in other people’s lives. That should be how we all wire ourselves. We need to find our purpose. We need to find what we are here to change; whom we were meant to serve; and how we were meant to live.

I swear every time my birthday approaches, I turn into this philosophical person that checks and rechecks if I am where I am meant to be; if I am doing what I am meant to do; and if I am truly happy where I am. Sometimes thoughts like these can be disappointing. But more often than not….and maybe it has something to do with age, I find it quite uplifting. Knowing that we keep improving ourselves, the best we can is truly inspiring.

So here is to all of us, that we may always be inspired in our lives and be an inspiration for all. Have a great day/week/life 🙂

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