Chew Your Food For Better Health

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Chewing is a crucial part of the digestion process. After your start “salivating”, as you start thinking of food, your body creates the digestive enzymes to breakdown food. Then when you actually eat, chewing is the next process and the one that will help your body breakdown your food effectively.

You see chewing chops, cuts, grinds, and macerates food, before it goes into the esophagus and the other smooth muscles cells involved in the digestion process. The chewing process is part of what is called the mechanical phase of digestion. Without the proper breakdown of the food in this phase, it becomes more difficult for the rest of the system to digest this food effectively. After all teeth are only in the mouth and not in our gut.

When the food goes through the stoma and the intestines, it is churned and mixed thoroughly with the digestive enzymes. Food that goes through this process that isn’t broken down well by the teeth, tend to cause bloating, because undigested food, encourages bacteria overgrowth in the small intestine. This accumulation of bacteria can cause gas build-up, as well as diarrhea and/or constipation.

So, next time you put food in your mouth, chew it throughly til you feel it is now macerated well in your mouth, before swallowing it. DO NOT drink water to swallow food, as this only dilutes the digestive enzymes in the mouth that the body creates to AGAIN help breakdown the food better.

I hope you enjoyed this article and REMEMBER Chew Chew, and Chew.

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