Depressed or feeling down?…. Here’s Borage to the rescue!

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Borage and DepressionDepression is something that all of us experience at one time or the other.  It can be because of a fight we have had with a loved one; a promotion that fell through;  a competition we failed to win; feeling unloved or unappreciated; or feeling like nothing is working out.  Depression can be a short-lived emotion that you literally shrug off shortly or it can be a debilitating one.  Depending on how you let the emotion affect you, depression can become a serious condition.

I have met patients who suffer from serious depression and who are put on anti-depressants to overcome their condition.  I have had so many who, in spite of their medications, still cannot get rid of the condition.  I have had also one friend who killed himself because of it….but that will be for another discussion.

For now, i would like to share, that I am feeling down and depressed.  But i have learned that the first rule to winning over anything and everything in life is by admitting your weakness or issue.  It is only after you acknowledge a problem that the solution will come to hand.  I was sitting down on the computer and feeling down and sorry for myself, when i decided to tap into the wica in me….. I mean the witch in me….lol…for those that don’t know what it means.  I decided that i didn’t want to waste my day feeling down and useless.  It is easy to get stuck in feeling depressed and sorry for yourself.  I didn’t want to look back at my day and realise that it was only that.

After admitting i was depressed and deciding i wasn’t going to let it overcome me, I looked outside and remembered that one beautiful flower in my garden always lifted my spirits and always made me smile.  So not wanting to keep wallowing in self-pity and depression, i went out and picked up these beautiful blue (and i just discovered 1 pink flower) flowers and put them in a clear glass with 9.5pH alkaline water.  I held the glass and meditated and tapped into the frequency of the water and flowers and felt warm in my heart and saw visions of my heart being kissed and being given a massive hug.  I carried out my glass into the sun to tap into the warmth of the beautiful Canberra sun on this beautiful autumn day.

The flower I am talking about is Borage.  Borage grows to a rather big plant with hollow hairy stems.  It has huge hairy leaves and beautiful flowers.  The Borage flower essence is known to bring happiness and warmth to the heart, uplifting the spirits and bringing a smile on your lips….hmmmm…. i thought that was exactly what i needed.

The herbalist, John Gerard, in one of his writings said that “A syrup made of the flowers of Borage comforteth the heart, purgeth melancholy, and quieteth the phrenetic or lunatic person.” … though it isn’t good to be labelled a lunatic…lol… i think that is a good confirmation of borage being good for depression.  Borage is used as tea and tincture as well, for various other issues, but for this article, i all limit discussions, to just its role as an anti-depressant.

So if you are feeling down or going through a roller coaster of emotions, get hold of some borage flower essence and start feeling better about yourself and about your day 🙂  Otherwise, you can also join our workshops to learn how to create your own flower essence from home.