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Detox28 is the first fully assisted 28-day detox program ever launched in Colombo. It promises to provide its participants with the most stress-free detox preparation, most nutritious and flavorful meals which ensures optimal results for all.

Your eyes are the mirror of your body says Michelle Jones, an internationally certified Iridologist, currently living in Colombo, Sri Lanka and practicing Iridology, Nutrition & Wellness Consulting at Revival Physical Medicine Center, Colombo.

She along with the famous Barbara Avossa of Regina Margherita (Italian cuisine family flavors) down Park Road, have lined up a latest wellness program Detox 28 for people wanting to get healthy and feel healthy with the right food and habits.

With the information derived from a modern iris analysis, Michelle can create the simplest and most holistic solutions specially tailored for an individual’s unique constitution, based on what their eyes reveal. This can make her patients’ lives better, healthier, and complete. She provides her patients with an opportunity for a total lifestyle makeover.

The wellness program Detox 28 is a program designed to assist people to do a healthy and personalized detox program in 28 days without all the hassles.  It is one of the best health programs, originally only created by detox retreats, that people can do in the convenience of their home.  Since a handful of people have the liberty of doing a good detox program away from home, Detox 28 is ready to play the same role: Service at your Doorstep and Regina Margherita is ready to mix, mince, blend, cook and bake your food and deliver it hot and fresh under the guidance of Michelle Jones.

“Doing the program in 28 days allows people to slowly create changes in their diet and lifestyle that will effect change in their health without causing undue stress to the person both physically and emotionally.  Stress is best avoided during a detox to ensure its maximum effects,” says Iridologist Michelle Jones who obtained her postgraduate diploma in Integrated Iridology from the College of IRIS in Sydney, Australia.  She is a fully certified member of the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA), the only governing body for iridology in the world. She is also affiliated with the New York Holistic Care Clinic in Seoul, Korea.

She stresses that Detox 28 is mainly for those who want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight with glowing skin.

“Sometimes people don’t know that what they experience are signs that a detox is necessary for better health.  There is a basic list of physical symptoms that can identify the need for a detox.  Dark circles under the eyes, yellow-coated tongue, bitter taste in the mouth, headaches/migraines, irritability and moodiness, PMS, skin issues (acne, eczema, psoriasis, discoloration of the skin), allergies, reflux, bloating, poor metabolism, falling hair/hair loss, diarrhea, and constipation.  These are just examples of symptoms that one can experience when there is toxicity in the body.  A toxic body can get better and healthier with a good detox”.

“A healthy body is able to heal itself.  It is when the body is out of balance due to poor dietary choices, lifestyle choices, stress, pollution, and a host of other things that toxicity and ill health sets in”.

The duo, Barbara and Michelle are very keen to promote Detox 28 because they are passionate about good health and helping people learn about how to achieve good health through ideal food.  Barbara is passionate about fine cuisine, fine food and classy, authentic preparation.  “This is how the Detox 28 concept began,” said the duo.


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The introduction, follow-ups, and finalization will all be done at Regina Margherita and several other drivers of the program will be designed around a person’s home.

This program offers good health for the body, mind, and spirit.  It is all done for the participants to take away the stress of not knowing how to start, where to start, what to take, what not to take, what portions are good, etc.  Being that Michelle is a wellness and health consultant and Barbara is a great food and beverage connoisseur, will make the program easier and more effective for those that join.

“There is nothing of this kind available in Sri Lanka and even if they go to the health spas for a weekend detox or a week detox, they will not be taught how to effectively continue a healthy program thereafter.  Doing a month long-program allows you to just absorb all the information and live the healthy life for a whole month.  Once you learn it and feel the difference, it is easier to keep up with a healthy lifestyle,” says Michelle.

Barbara of Regina Margherita says, “Because I work very long hours and late at night at my restaurant, sometimes I cannot help feeling exhausted and drained of energy.  Michelle has helped me feel better and more energized”.


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Barbara goes on: “After living in Sri Lanka for seven years, I have learned the culture and the people more.  I believe I am more in-tune with the needs of both the local and expat community in the city.  Because of this, I feel that a good detox program carefully and personally created for each person will be good for our community here in Colombo.  Good health is always something people are after.  A good program that is personally designed for each person’s needs and constitution is priceless”.

“I have created a special menu to cater for the participants of this program taking into consideration all the requirements of a healthy meal.  Michelle has seen and tasted the meals I have created and she has approved them for this program.  All the meals will be cooked with Halal and organic ingredients, when and if available in Sri Lanka, such as lamb, chicken, seafood, vegetables, and fruits”.

Mainly the lunches served will consists of mouth-watering but healthy cooked meals such as: grilled prawns served with grilled eggplant and bell pepper grilled in the wood fire oven; grilled lamb racks served with parsley potatoes, salad, broccoli; chicken breasts served with a portion of Arborio rice, carrots, cauliflower and tomatoes salad dressed with our well known and home made Italian dressing.

The entire range of lunches that will be delivered to your home or office will be served in porcelain plates because eyes play an important role while eating; and of course in line with fine Italian cuisine all the meals will be cooked following healthy Italian recipes and prepared only with extra virgin Italian olive oil.