Eat Right: Caloric Restriction

Posted by on May 28, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Eat Right: Caloric Restriction

Caloric Restriction is a controversial topic because people always get worried about eating less than eating more. We have turned into a society that keeps eating food thinking and believing that it is what will make us healthier. The funny truth is that caloric restriction retards several aspects of ageing and eating too much promotes illness and ageing. The studies of caloric restrictions are so amazing that research have been on going to find the perfect supplement, medicine, or herb that can duplicate its results.

Studies have shown that caloric restriction retards several aspects of ageing including: age-related mortality, tumorigenesis, physiological decline, establishment of age-related profiles. In lay-man terms caloric restrictions keep you younger longer. In fact studies have also shown that caloric restriction alters gene expressions in our body, affecting and altering 747 genes in the heart thus preventing cardiac ageing; 1164 genes in our muscles, preventing bone disease like osteoporosis; and 1129 genes in the brain, preventing dementia. Caloric restrictions have also been proven to improve insulin sensitivity and thus decrease and balance blood sugar levels.

So instead of looking for the fountain of youth; instead of looking for that perfect pill; instead of spending so much money on your health, why don’t you just divide your usual meals in half or even 3/4 and see how much better you will start feeling. Cut all the crap you are eating like junk foods and softdrinks and start drinking more water and eating more fruit and vegetables.

Remember, unlike other drugs, caloric restriction not only extends your life, but it also gives you a longer, healthier, and better quality life to live.

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