Exercise and Arthritis

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There are different explanations on the internet with regard to why arthritis has developed and become a disorder in our society. There is one that claims it is because the human body was designed to walk on all fours (theory of evolution). Regardless of which theory you choose to believe, one fact remains – as our lifestyle has changed so has our muscle structure and strength.

Our body was designed by nature to be a functioning one. It is one designed to hunt for food; build our home; or plow the field to grow food. As modernization has crept in, so did the luxuries of life. Lifestyle has greatly changed from hunting food to going to a restaurant and ordering food. With this lifestyle change, came muscle weakness. Muscle atrophy, causing instability or weakness of joint because we cannot sustain balance around the joint, has become a common thing.

Unfortunately the luxuries we have do not put less strain on our body. In the contrary, extra stress on the joints and surrounding muscles develop. As the stress of the joint increases, it speeds up the wear and tear of the joint causing early onset of arthritis. When you have arthritis, pain achiness and fatigue begin. As arthritis advances, mobility decreases and lack of exercise and movement in turn causes decrease in physical function, hampering cardio-pulmonary functions as well cognitive function.

To manage arthritis, regular exercise regimen is essential because it enhances blood flow to the muscles, increasing mobility of the joint and strengthening of the muscle to protect the joint. Regular exercise causes smooth movement and mobility of joints causing less pain and more protection for the joint.

by Sharon Park
Manager, Internationally Certified Pilates Instructor