Have you compromised on your dream?

Posted by on Feb 13, 2019 in Blog | Comments Off on Have you compromised on your dream?

Have you compromised on something you thought at one point you could do, and when things started becoming tough you gave up on it?

I did. A few times in my life I thought I could do more, and then all the challenges popped up, and i thought “this is too hard”… and decided it wasn’t worth it. My excuse was that “I was good where I was.” “I was happy with what I had.” And they seemed to be all good reasons.

What I failed to see was that the dreams were given to me to pursue a bigger goal, to be able to do bigger things, and be able to impact more lives. It wasn’t gonna be as difficult, I just didn’t want to see and consider all the possibilities. I only saw what I saw and knew what i knew.

After meeting amazing business coaches and the #1 wealth creator JT Foxx, and listening to their experiences and advice, my eyes opened up to things I couldn’t see before and processes and solutions I didn’t even consider earlier.

So, next time you think a dream you have (or even one you have held on for a long time) is too difficult, ask for help. Let someone else show you what you couldn’t see. Mentors and coaches are amazing people that can open your eyes to what you do not know.

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