Modern Iridology

Experience a new technological breakthrough in overall health and wellness to live longer and feel better.  Know and understand what your eyes show and reveal about where you are at with your health and well-being.  Find out how your digestive health is, or whether or not your body is absorbing its minerals.  Understand what genetic markers are in your eyes.


These eyes show low levels of pancreatic enzymes in the system, therefore a difficulty digesting starches. It also shows an inability to absorb nutrients and minerals efficiently, as well as a very irritated stomach and a body suffering from food intolerances. It also shows a difficulty de-stressing, thus giving rise to a nervous constitution.

About Iridology

Modern Iridology is the science of analyzing the signs, shades, and constitution of the iris in order to provide a wholistic assessment of the health of a patient. It is an art that has been practiced in various ways as far back as 1000.B.C.

Practiced in many parts of the world including Australia, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Korea, the Philippines and the United States. Modern Iridology is an outstanding and non-invasive method of assessing a patient’s health status, predispositions, organ strengths and weaknesses.

It is said that the eyes are the “windows of the soul” because they are the most complex external structure of the human anatomy which are attached directly to the brain. The eyes contain information about the different organs of the body’s strengths and weaknesses, both inherent and acquired. Iridology is a wonderful way of assessing what is happening to the body before symptoms appear and become difficult to treat.

Iris Analysis

An iris analysis involves taking a photograph of the iris with the use of a state-of-the-art iris camera. The photo is then presented to the patient with an explanation of the various signs, shadings and constitution seen in it.

Based on the information, a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s health, familial predispositions, organ strengths and weaknesses is provided.


How is it possible to assess a patient’s health from just the iris?

The brain, which is a major part of the central nervous system of the body, records all activities/messages to and from the different organs. The eye, being the extension of the brain, relays these events and reflexly the body’s reactions through the iris and the sclera via the direct connection with the sympathetic nervous system’s cervical ganglion.

Using an iridology chart, a practitioner is then able to identify each and every organ reflexly represented in the iris. Looking at the fibers, colours, and markings in the iris, a practitioner is then able to identify which organs need support or treatment; which emotional factors may be associated with the patient’s weaknesses, and which weaknesses have been inherited from a patient’s ancestors.

Can an iris analysis tell me if I have cancer?

Iridologists do not diagnose an illness. They can warn about organ strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations that will help the patient support the weaknesses and maximize their strengths. An iridologist sees the whole person and treats him/her and not just his/her symptoms. As a natural therapist, an Iridologist is trained to find the cause of the symptoms and treat it, to ensure that the whole being achieves optimum health.

Can you do an iris analysis with a child?

Yes, iris analysis can be performed on children. Iridology is very useful for children and very helpful for mothers, because often it can be very difficult to find out, especially from very young children, what they feel and what is wrong with them. Iridology can help detect where the problem is in children.

Hi, I am an adopted child and am curious to find out what my predispositions are since I do not know my real parents. Can iridology give me an accurate response?

Yes, iridology is used to find out people’s familial predispositions, inherent strengths and weaknesses. Bernard Jensen, the father of Modern iridology, said: “I believe in iridology as the only analysis which reveals conditions before symptoms appear and shows abnormal conditions for which no symptoms will ever appear.” Iridology shows what needs to be addressed in a person’s body, based on what he/she has inherited from his/her parents, grand-parents, and great grand parents.

Isn’t it overwhelming to find out everything that is wrong with you?

A good iridologist will not only inform you about your strengths and weaknesses, but she/he will also equip you with the knowledge about how you can strengthen your weaknesses and support your strengths. A good iridologist gives you information about how you can be the best you can ever be.