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3 Steps to Complete Health and Total Wellness!

1)  Get your iridology wellness blueprint

Come into the clinic and ask for your iridology blueprint.  The blueprint is designed specially and specifically for you after a thorough iris analysis is conducted using a state-of-the art iridology camera.  This latest technology captures the colours, shadings, and markings of the iris revealing accurate insights into your health status.

2)  Get your comprehensive health assessment

You will be provided with your very own comprehensive health assessment, which takes your iridology wellness blueprint results paired with your in-depth questionnaire and one-on-one interview to reveal your current health status, familial predispositions, organ strengths and weaknesses and so much more!

3)  Get your individualised program for results

Upon gathering all the interview and body specific data, it’s time to gather some lab data through functional testing to get even more specific on the findings.  From here, you get a custom tailored program that is built specific to ou and your body’s needs.


If you have never known where or how to get back on track to good health,

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