Iris analysis processThank you so much for your green smoothie advice – it really worked for me plus of course all my hard work & exercises …at least i was able to wear my green two piece swimmers..he he he…

Christine Tamayo

Iris analysis processMichelle Jones opened the doors for my alternative treatment. She made me understand what natural therapy is and learning to listen to what your body is telling. She made me hope even more for optimal health - yes, if there is hope, there is a cure. Now, I encourage my family and friends to do the same for optimal health. It'll be worth spending your precious life with. Thank you, Michelle Jones, and all the best for your career! Cheers!

Amabel Go

Iris analysis processAfter 2 days of drinking green smoothies, I got heaps of acne which went away 2 days later, now my skins is so clear and I had no period pain this week which was a bonus! Must be all the magnesium in the extra greens I'm having!!!

Tariya Joy

Iris analysis processYour introductory course in Iridology was great and very useful for me and other members... After your course I opened new eyes in Iridology and as a humble beginner I want to continue studying Iridology. I always appreciate your lecture and kind heart. Yours sincerely,

Dr. Jun Gyu Jang of Seoul, Korea

Iris analysis processI first heard of the green smoothie when Michelle suggested that I start drinking them to help cleanse my system, increase my energy levels and to help me reduce my intake of refined carbohydrate foods. ... I have been having green smoothies every day for about 6 weeks now and I love them! .. Other benefits we've noticed from having regular smoothies are some weight loss, very regular and effortless bowel habits, increased energy levels, clarity of the mind and lower grocery bills- yes LOWER!!

Kristin Phillips

Iris analysis processI have know Michelle since High School, She always came off to me as an Individual who did not necessarily go with the grain and was an independent thinker. That said, I'm sure she will bring a high level of integrity and expertise to her chosen profession.

Jay Martinez

Iris analysis processI have to admit that I was initially skeptical about the green smoothie challenge. I started week 1 and was surprised at how tasty the smoothies were. It seems that the green smoothies were having a positive impact. I have more energy, my mind is less foggy, and the body weight is slowly reducing. So would I recommend the green smoothies?? Definitely.

Jane Stewart

Iris analysis processGreat service and Awesome website Michelle!

Jay Martinez


Iris analysis processI was struggling with my diet when Michelle approached me about joining the green smoothie challenge. With in a day or two I had a complete decrease in my intestinal issues. I felt really good, slept better and woke up much easier. In the first 2 days I lost 600gms!

Kelly Horne

Iris analysis processMichelle has been a very good friend of mine since our college days and it was kind of her to share her knowledge and advise to me and my family regarding Iridology and Naturopathy. I am not one into vitamins but when she recommended me to try Fish oil, Vitamin E and Ginko Biloba, I saw the big difference on my health. She has given me proper guidance on what to eat and what to avoid to eat as she knows I was into dieting. Her advice on avoiding pasta and bread and taking of the green smoothie shake as an alternative for lunch or dinner really helped me in losing 8 kilos in 2 months. I truly recommend her as I know that she will definitely look after your health.

Christine Tamayo of ACT, Australia

Dear Michelle,

The above results are documentary evidance that the personalized program created by you and your guidance at every step, that I am on the correct path to reach my goal of optimal health and total wellness. I appreciate all that you have done for me in these few weeks. Now my aim in life is to take part once again in Masters Athletics and win a gold in the 100 meters, in your honour.

Thanking you

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