28-day Cleanse, Clarify, Connect

Get started in cleaning up your system so you can feel better, think clearer, and be happier.


Product Description

We live in a toxic world, where our bodies pay the price for all the advances in infrastructure and technology.  We have the ICRW (information-carrying radio waves), chemicals and pesticides, pollution, and so many others that we are exposed to on a day-to-day basis that create havoc in our system.

This 4-week program is designed to clean your toxic body and renew your mind with a good detox that achieves physical, mental, and spiritual clarity.  This is for everyone – adults and children alike, because the programs are designed to fit your individual needs.

Signs and symptoms that shouts out “I need a detox!!!”

1)  dark circles under the eyes

2)  chronic depression and anxiety

3)  insomnia

4)  falling hair or balding

5)  chronic illness

6)  chronic fatigue

7)  obesity or difficulty losing weight

8)  carbohydrate craving and addiction

9)  inability to focus

10)  feeling out of balance

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